LaserLux offers Design, Manufacturing, and Product Development is the complete set of activities needed to bring new devices, technologies, and services to the marketplace. These activities span the entire product life cycle, from the identification of a market opportunity or need, through design, testing, manufacture and distribution, and end of useful life.

The once time consuming and costly journey of developing and bringing a product to market has now been streamlined. Over the years our company has developed the ability to offer you a one-stop shop for taking your products from prototyping to high volume production. We have theexpertise, tools and professional relationships to ensure that you are provided with the services you need.

We offer a wide range of services covering your every need along the product life cycle including (but not limited to):

 Engineering and project support.

 Professional product development consultation.

We draw on our global, sector-specific knowledge to provide the most technically, and, commercially effective solution for each project. Our clients may benefit from our professional relationships with lead engineers prepared for the constantly changing demands created by new technological developments.

Small serial production for V&V activities, pre-clinical and clinical trials.

In todays fast-paced, fiercely competitiveworld of commercial new product development, speed and flexibility are essential.

LaserLux offers specific, target oriented production designated for testing, validations, various trials leading your firm's innovations with optimal allocation of funds and resources. 

 Micro laser welding

 Micro laser filling of metals

LaserLux performs ultra-high precision micro laser welding for demanding applications. Our experienced personnel have the knowledge and skills to create the most critical surgical instruments, sensor assemblies, and other precision devices.

 Thermal treatments

At LaserLux's state of the art facility you may find a Horizontal Tube furnace for the thermal treatment of alloys, including Nitinol.
The successful develpoment of critical Nitinol meducal components has to balance complex consumer's demands and Nitinol properties restrictions.
Our scientists and engineers, having outstanding experience, apply state of the art design optimization and processing innovations to transform device concepts into promising prototypes.
We propose development and optimization, including:
shapesetting      thermal treatments     surface finishing
We are pleased to provide you with our ezperience and theuse of our facilities.
We offer the support in the designing of the thermal treating processes as well as defining these processes and conducting treatments for you design needs.

 Controlled environment assembly (parts as small as 20)

 Clean room assembly          Mechanical assembly

LaserLux provide custom mechanical assembly processes and related solutions to ensure the proper design and mechanical operation of a part / mechanism from the simplest of designed elements to the extremely complex.

 Use of clean rooms for prototype development

 Cleanroom micro laser welding

 Cleanroom packaging and pre sterilization processes

 Cleaning processes

LaserLux has an extremely advanced and fully equipped cleanroom in which various types of services are provided in accordance with the strictest international regulations. The cleanroomis used for the process manufacturing of products and packaging in a conditioned environment for the minimizing of contamination according to your manufacturing needs.

 Laboratory solutions

Being an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified facility, LaserLux offer Quality Control services utilizing an extensive range of laboratory equipment operated and maintained under strict Quality Assurance essentials.

For further elaboration of our services rendered in addition to our line of expertise, please refer to our Additional Services page.

LaserLux solutions cover the complete spectrum of product life cycle services. In addition to our extensive offered services, we offer expertise across the entire chain, from an idea-based innovation, research and development to design control, support and industry related solutions.

We offer a complete life-cycle service; from design, implementation, documentation, manufacturing and more, the services we offer can be customized to suit your individual requirements, selecting the specific techniques to match your every need.

Our Company offers the following additional services:

 Mechanical design and prototyping development LaserLux has built its business around partnering with engineers to refine their concepts for device component prototypes. Our collaborating engineers bring decades of experience in different applications. We offer design solutions from the early planning processes to manufacturing of prototypes striding for the best solution for your design challenge, employing vast experience and knowledge based expertise.

 Design of support systems

 Prototypes, small serial and mass production. Support equipment for working in clean room. Processing all types of raw materials such as: metals and plastics.

 Silicon molds. Design, production and use of silicon molds for plastic casts, vacuum systems, coating and cleaning plasma

 Designing production tools including measuring devices, gages, chemical coatings and adhesives

 Micro laser cutting and etching

 Thermal screws

 Surface treatments and Sand Blasting

 Documentation solutions - Technical writing and editing for alldepartmentsincluding authority submitted materials; among listed: 510K, Technical files, Pre-clinical evaluations, Investigator's Brochures, Instructions for Use (IFU), DHF documents etc'.

Manufacturing processes, Qualification Documents, Process designing, Structuring and Documentation of said including the Planning and performing of Verifications & Validations activities.

Complex target oriented reports/presentations for executive staff, board members, investors, end users etc', including the creation/editing of marketing material.

Hebrew - English / English - Hebrew translation of documents / articles.\

Consulting - test plans and methods, V&V requirements under RA & QA requirements.


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