Nowadays cleanrooms are used in many industries such as biotechnology, microelectronics, pharmaceuticals and nanotechnology. Cleanrooms may differ in size – from small to complex multilevel structures with large serviced equipment and utilities.

LaserLux R&D Ltd. has a temperature and humidity controlled Class 1000 (ISO-6) standard cleanroom offering the following (but not limited to):

 Mechanical Assembly                      MicroLaser Welding

 Packaging                                          Pre-sterilization processes

 Adhesive bonding (UV, Epoxy, Ciano - Acrylate)

Additional services alongside the cleanroom include a controlled ISO-9 environment offering:

 Two ISO-5 laminar cubicles supporting the highest standards of cleanliness

 Wet processing and cleaning stations including ultrasonic baths, stream baths washing and disinfecting equipment.

 The room is operated and maintained by qualified, professionally trained personnel while temperature, humidity and pressure levels are controlled and monitored in accordance to ISO-14644.


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